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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Three Pluses and a Wish

So I've been thinking and thinking about what my first blog post should be's a lot harder than it might seem!  I reflected on my twenty-something years of teaching...what strategies have I used that I liked the best?  What will really begin to tell my story?  What might be helpful for others to read? 

Well, I think I've come up with a winner...something I may use on a weekly basis...Three Pluses and a Wish!  Have you ever used this strategy when teaching?  I used to use it a ton when I taught upper grades.  We would reflect on something we did in class and determine parts that went well and parts that needed to be reworked or reviewed. 

I started using a similar strategy this week with my kinders.  They did a fabulous job!  Here's what we did: We have stations every day for about 50 minutes - 3 rounds for about 13 minutes each.  In between each station we meet on the carpet.  This week I added that we have a quick discussion about what went well or what needed work during that round...kind of a check-in.  One little one who was at the writing station said, "Someone at my station really worked hard figuring out how to spell a hard word!"  Another one said, "We were playing around at Book Boxes instead of reading our books."  I was really impressed with how well they were able to honestly critique themselves.

So here are my Three Pluses and a Wish for last week!

Plus 1:
On Monday, we wrote reading goals and most of my little ones were able to brainstorm and write an appropriate goal!

Plus 2:
My little ones LOVE to write.  We are working on writing opinion pieces and most of them have been able to state their opinion and back it up with a reason!

Plus 3:
We had a bit of an eventful week at school - a fire on Thursday, the coldest day of the year so far.  I am thankful for all of our fire drill practices because all kiddos followed our procedures and were out of the building safe and sound.  (Did I mention that this fire occurred during kindergarten lunch when we didn't have coats?)  All is well now, but, at the time, it was a bit scary...having 20 little ones under my care during a stressful situation like a fire is exhausting!

I'm hoping that, in the upcoming week, I can begin to see the growth that I know my kiddos have made.  Our assessment window opens on Monday, and I will be assessing to see where everyone is.  I can see such improvements on a day-to-day basis...I hope they show me what they can do!
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  1. Great job on your first post!! I love the idea of 3 pluses and a wish! You could turn that into a linky party! Glad to hear all is ok after that fire! That is scary :(

    1. Thanks, Carrie! Sad to say...I have no clue how to do a linky! LOL

  2. I have never heard of 3 pluses and a wish. I love the idea! I think your first blog post is perfect. It reflects your personality, positive and always willing to learn, I am glad you didn't rush it!

    1. Thanks, Dana! I loved using 3 pluses and a wish in 3rd grade. I learned about it when I was in a Reading Initiative in South Carolina and used it then...many moons ago! I couldn't figure out how to utilize it in kindergarten because I'd always done it as a written strategy. So I changed it up and we are just using it orally for now. Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Great post!! This would make a great linky!!

    1. Thank you! Wish I knew how to do a linky!

  4. Really great post! I agree it would be a great linky!!

  5. Thank you, Kim! I need to learn about this linky stuff! :-)